IQWBL - Improving Quality in Work-Based Learning

The project IQWBL is a Transfer of Innovation (TOI) project within the Life Long Learning Programme (LLP) of the European Commission.

"Internationalization is not a value in itself in education, but it is an opportunity for better learning; for improving the language skills and knowledge about various cultures, for flexibility, for problem solving skill an for growth of self-understanding and self-confidence. The challenge for VET is to meet the changing skills needs of individuals and the world of work according to the principle of lifelong learning.

In order to ensure quality, there is a need for a set of documents and procedures that makes it possible to measure the quality of the training period and to provide means for evaluation."

A consortium of five partners is working on the project. The final results will be finished in autumn 2012. Currently the products are in the development stage, and the piloting stage will start at the end of the year 2011.

The target group of the project is represented by the vocational teachers and students in the sectors of vocational training, and they will be provided with a range of skills and knowledge which will contribute  to their long term sustainable operations.

The IQWBL project has been started in October 2010 and will end in September 2012.

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